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TAG102 - Phil Lockley

Phil LockleyPhil Lockley

name: Phil Lockley

age: 58

how long fishing: 8 years full time and while working for Fishing News over 15 years part time

favourite lure/bait: Eddystone eels, live mackerel, live sand eel or live prawn

home port: Helford

quote: Having seen the growing demand for traceability, moving to a tagging scheme seems a sensible move.

main market:Wright Brothers’ restaurants at Helford and London, also Ocean Fish

boat name: Amanda J

boat reg: FH 9

Types of fishing: Line fishing for mackerel, whiting, pollack and bass, also potting for crab and lobster from spring to autumn. All fish caught throughout the year are placed, as soon after capture as possible, into the slush ice tub. At home I have a commercial Ziegra ice plant to ensure continual ice supply. Fish quality is, in my opinion, paramount.